Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Easter 2022 Weymouth

Waves Shape

Much excitement for our first Rib dives of 2022 and we set off for a drift dive along Woborrow Tout.   We came across a mermaid purse, the biggest crab we’ve seen for ages (and yes we did leave it there) and a practice shell from Lulworth firing ranges. We finally came across a small wreck before ascending

We all enjoyed being warm and cosy in Dave’s mansion of a tent and managed to make a dent in the 7.5kg of chocolates that Barry had brought us !


The following day winds were increasing from the East so we decided to stick to the harbour and dived the Countess of Erne. Visibility was suprisingly ok and it was a good shake down dive with lots of life on the wreck.


Matt created a fabulous 360 video of us all which can be seen here :

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