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Wave Shape


Waves Shape

It was great to see eight club members get together for a mid August Rib trip from Portland.  Day one was a gentle start with a gentle south westerly breeze with three buddy pairs diving at Durdle Door before making their way along the scenic Jurassic coast to meet the support team at Kimmeridge Bay. This was a convenient and sheltered location for a lunch stop and a cylinder swap and not far from the second dive of the day,  Black Hawk with lots of life on it. 

Divers Down Durdle Door

We all headed back to Jurassic Camp for BBQ’s, fire pits and lots of laughs.

Sunday saw the winds pick up with the forecast getting stronger as the day went on.  We attempted to dive Lulworth Banks but a choppy swell led us to abandon this idea and head for the calm of Portland harbour.   As we prepared to dive the Countess of Erne a couple of dolphins swam by and calmly exited the harbour entrance whilst we excitedly attempted to get video and photographic evidence.   Whilst the first buddy pair were in, the Spirit of Adventure Cruise ship passengers curiously looked on as the ship left the harbour entrance.    It looks like it only just fits through !  A tompot blenny, Devonshire cup coral , jewel anemones and nudibranch were amongst the life spotted on the wreck.  After surfacing to white horses in the harbour we headed back to Ferrybridge and and timely get away back to Towcester. 

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